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Turn goals into triumphs

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Leadership for a changing world

Today's business scene is trickier and more complicated than ever.

To snag the results you're after, you've got to switch up how you think, act, and lead.

Truth is, having all the answers just isn't going to happen. That's where we step in.

After spending two decades helping clients and shaping organizations, the biggest thrill for us is boosting top-notch leaders to climb even higher.

So, how can we help you level up?


Assisting founders of growth-stage companies , small businesses, and venture capital firms to navigate the complexities of change.


Proven strategies and business insights to help you and your organization achieve your most important goals.


One of our most popular leadership development experiences helps teams find more energy and greater synergy to perform at a higher level.

Working with Darrius Smith and the St4y Ready Consulting team has been a transformative experience for our organization. Darrius's unique approach to leadership development, coupled with his practical tools and strategies, has empowered our leaders to drive change with confidence. His sessions are not only insightful, but also highly engaging. Our team has seen remarkable growth in leadership skills and mindset since we started. A true game-changer!

Ava Chen, Director of Innovation and Strategy

I was skeptical at first about what a leadership consultancy could really offer that was new. Darrius Smith proved me wrong. His sessions are a deep dive into not just the 'how' of leadership, but the 'why,' which has made all the difference for me. The personalized feedback and actionable insights have helped me grow beyond my expectations. St4y Ready is the real deal for anyone serious about taking their leadership to the next level.

Liam Rivera, Chief Operations Officer

Darrius Smith has a gift for making complex leadership concepts accessible and actionable. His workshops are empowering, inspiring, and filled with moments of genuine self-discovery. The St4y Ready Consulting methodology has helped our leaders to not only identify their strengths, but also to leverage them in ways we hadn't imagined. Our team is more cohesive, motivated, and effective thanks to Darrius's guidance.

Mia Thompson, Head of Global Marketing

Joining a program with St4y Ready Consulting led by Darrius Smith has been one of the best decisions for my professional development. The journey of self-improvement and leadership transformation I've experienced is unparalleled. Darrius's ability to connect, understand, and push you towards your best self is exceptional. Each session is a mix of challenge and support, driving real change.

Ethan Brooks, Senior VP of Human Resources

Darrius Smith and his St4y Ready consultancy offer a leadership development experience that is practical, impactful, and, most importantly, unforgettable. The lessons learned are immediately applicable, driving visible improvements in communication, decision-making, and team dynamics. Darrius's passion for leadership is contagious, making every interaction with him and his team a source of inspiration and growth.

Isabella Garcia, Chief Financial Officer

From the first session with Darrius Smith of St4y Ready, it was clear we were in for a transformative experience. His approach to leadership development is personalized, thought-provoking, and incredibly effective. Darrius doesn't just teach leadership; he embodies it, inspiring everyone he works with to strive for excellence. Our team's ability to lead with vision and empathy has significantly improved, setting new standards for our success.

Noah Patel, Director of Sustainability Initiatives

Our Customized Approach for your Leaders

Our methodology combines personalized coaching, practical workshops, and a supportive community to create an environment where leaders can thrive. We focus on:

- Personal Growth: Discover your unique leadership style and strengths.

- Strategic Thinking: Learn to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

- Effective Communication: Enhance your ability to inspire and mobilize your team.

- Resilience Building: Cultivate the grit needed to withstand setbacks.


of leaders feel fully prepared to take on a leadership role


of an organization's success is driven by leadership effectiveness


higher profit margin for companies who prioritize leadership training


of employees trust their leaders which can lead to poor performance

Why Choose St4y Ready Consulting?

Expert Guidance: Benefit from Darrius Smith's two decades of experience in leadership development.
Customized Support: Programs designed to meet you where you are in your leadership journey.
Proven Results: Join the ranks of successful leaders who have transformed their approach, teams, and organizations with St4y Ready.

Get ready to lead...right.

Your leadership journey is unique, and St4y Ready Consulting is committed to helping you become the leader you're meant to be. Contact us today to explore how we can support your growth and prepare you for the challenges and opportunities ahead.